At NuVida, one of our most popular health and wellness services is massage therapy—in addition to being an effective relaxation technique, massage offers a remarkable number of healing, therapeutic, and health benefits, and is often recommended as a complementary treatment for patients suffering from a broad range of medical conditions and ailments.

Physio Relax – Aims at releasing stress and tension in the body and mind. A scented massage oil warmed from its candle, is used to massage and relax your body, improves muscle tone and provides a feeling of well-being.

Healing Blend – Concentrates on the Meridian system by stimulating the acupressure points using various techniques to helps us clear any blockage and balance the flow of qi & blood in the meridians, thereby, alleviating common health problems and also achieving Total Wellness for our body.

Lymphatic Treatment – Stimulate the movement of lymphatic fluid, thereby cleansing the body. Excellent for reducing pain, fluid retention, chronic inflammation, sinus conditions, headaches and sprains.